10 Best Decor Ideas For A Football Themed Man Cave

How To Decorate a Football Man Cave

If you love football and want a football-themed man cave, then there are plenty of things you can do while designing to create a unique football theme.

This top 10 list will cover some of the best football inspired products and ideas that will make your room the place to be on game day.

Officially Licensed NFL Rocker Recliners

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Lots of options exist for football-based furniture. But there is one piece of furniture that defines man caves far and wide, The Recliner. And if you are a football fan, you can No products found.

These bad boys don’t mess around. They offer a built-in full body shiatsu massager, foot roller, heating, and zero gravity mode

This is not just a good NFL chair, this is one of the best chairs you will find for any man cave ever!

It can adjust to your body height, self-adjusting armrest, programmable memory, and the massage system has a total of 78 airbags, 8 magnets, and 2 pumps This is the Rolls Royce of chairs. The fact that it is accented with your team’s colors and has their logo embroidered on the headrest and side is just the icing on the cake

NFL Recliner Cover

NFL Recliner Cover

Ok, we can’t all afford the super chair mentioned above, but if you still want to display your team spirit on your favorite recliner you can go with this cheaper solution.

These reversible furniture protectors can affix to the recliner, making it the perfect solution if you already have a seat you love or have your eye on something else. They are large enough to fit even the biggest of chairs and come with elastic straps to ensure a secure fit.

While you may buy these for the look they also serve to protect your chair from spills and general wear and tear. The best part is they are machine washable, so if an accident does happen you can clean it good as new.

They also make full-size ones for sofas, so if you don’t have a recliner or you want a matching set, this larger version works just as well and won’t break the bank.

NFL Ice Barrel Coolers

NFL Ice Cooler

Whether your football-themed man cave has a bar or not, you can cheaply and easily add an NFL mini ice cooler.

The cooler comes in colors to match what your favorite team wears, and it features the logo of your favorite team on the side. Best of all they come in all 32 NFL teams. 

These coolers are great for any man’s getaway cave and will hold all your drinks and keep them cold for you and the guys. And you don’t have to use it as a cooler. This collapsible pop-up barrel can double as a hamper or trash can

Ode To The Player

An easy way to decorate a man cave with a football-related theme is to use various types of wall décor with your favorite player. For instance, you can put up posters, framed photos, and trading cards. As an added touch, an autographed one makes it even more special.

You probably have a jersey. Why not make a spot for it on the wall. Even if you wear it often there is no reason why you can’t use it as decor in the offseason. It will probably be much happier there than in your closet.

If you are a super fan, you can seek out life-size cutouts of players and stick them up on your wall or just leave them standing around.

Football Themed Signage

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Easy and traditional, one way that is sure to please is to decorate your man cave with some kind of football-themed signage. These come in many different versions from vintage to personalized. 

Pennants are the top pick in this category, but there are many unique options as well.  Wooden signs with your team, flags, tinwork like license plates, street signs, and more.

There are also lots of shops that do custom work so if you want an item with both your name and your team name on it this is an option as well.


Astro Turf

AstoTurf inside? Sure why not. If you really want to grab the atmosphere of the game what better way than to replace your carpet with grass.

This option is mostly cosmetic of course. AstroTurf does not make the most comfortable flooring but in a football-themed room, it looks amazing.

Even if you don’t want to go all out, you could buy a 4×6 foot patch to use as an area rug. Or a roll away that you only bring out for special occasions.

A word of warning, if you do go for the wall-to-wall option, make sure to get some underpadding. Your feet will thank you.

Football themed lighting

Another great way to decorate your football-themed man cave is with football lighting. There are tons of ways to do this.

You can find many types of desk lamps with football team logos on them, as well as strings of lights that you can hang around the room. If you want an added touch, you could buy a few strings of novelty lights shaped like footballs, etc., and string them around the perimeter of the room.

If you have a big budget, you can go all out and get things like track lighting themed for football teams, but you may have to get those professionally installed.

Get A Real Helmet

Football Helmet the Field

Even in the most basic football-themed room, a team helmet will quickly become a centerpiece. It’s big, it’s bright, it’s beautiful.

A football helmet from your favorite team shows you mean business. There should be one in every football-themed man cave, no excuses.

The great thing about a helmet is that you can put it anywhere in the room and it will be at home. Got a bar, put it there. Side table when you walk in, that works. Right dead center in the middle of your coffee table? Perfect.

If you don’t have a helmet, get one.

Ticket Collage

This is a do-it-yourself I thought up. Of course, if you have ticket stubs from a Super Bowl or other big game, you may want to get them framed for cheap.

But if you go to games often and have dozens of old stubs, why not make some wall art. My guess is they are just sitting in a drawer anyway, and they will likely live there forever.

A collage of stubs is a good way to show your history and dedication. It does not have to look pretty or be elaborate. A random mix-up of different years, stadiums, teams will make the piece more interesting.

Update: So I googled this and obviously I am not the first person to think of such a thing. There are plenty of examples out there for inspiration. One thing I found that I like more is a shadowbox ticket holder. You just drop the tickets in. No work and no damage to your tickets. So if you are lazy or not a DIYer, go with this. 

Make a Jumbo-Tron

This is another DIY project, but it is a little more advanced. Redditor monopolyguy16 recently posted a project where he turned a few standard TV sets into a Jumbotron and it looks amazing.

While he opted for a realistic 4 sided display, you can easily adapt the idea to just frame one tv. 

His is still a work in progress, I can’t wait to see the finished product. He has shared enough information that would be helpful to anyone looking to tackle such a project.

Yes, it will be a lot of work, but the end results are awesome.

The sky’s the limit for decorating your man cave to show your love of football. It all depends on how much space you have, your budget, and your imagination.

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