10 Best Design Ideas For A Pub Themed Man Cave Bar

Design Ideas For A Pub Themed Man Cave

There are certain things that are standard for most man caves. A large TV, a comfortable recliner, a dartboard, and a bar are things you would expect to see regardless of the theme. The size and attention that each one of these mainstays receives can set the overall feel of the room.

At times a bar is more than just a bar, it can be the centerpiece of the entire room itself and everything you buy can add to that authentic bar feel.

If you would like your man cave to look like the local pub, here are a few design ideas you can use.

Bar Stools

Every pub has bar stools, so of course, you can’t have a pub themed man cave without installing some sort of stools into your design.

Man cave bar stools

There are multiple types of bar stools to choose from. You can get the classic types with a round seat that swivels, or a bucket style seat with chrome legs that don’t swivel, you can also get bar stools with the logos of your favorite sports team or logos of different types of drinks.

These all come in metal, plastic or wood and in varying sizes and shapes. You can even get the type that folds up if you don’t have a lot of room.

Beer Tower with Double Tap

Beer Tower with Double Tap

Drink beer? Skip the cans and bottles and go straight for the keg. A tap is standard at every bar and yours should be no different.

Most people are a little intimidated by the thought of installing a tap but it really couldn’t be easier. Just drill a hole for the tubes to go through and bolt it down.

Unfortunately, most taps come with generic tap heads so you are going to need to shop around separately to find ones for your favorite brand and design.

I recommend the double-tap here (on Amazon) because the price is almost the same as the single and it does not require any additional setup. You do not need to keep the second tap connected at all times but it is good to have it there when you need it.

Kegco KC D4743DT-SS Draft Beer Kegerator Tower, 3 inches, Stainless Steel
  • Stylish 3" diameter air-cooled polished stainless steel Kegco draft beer tower
  • Features two chrome plated Kegco faucets with brass levers and faucet knobs

Beer Steins

German Beer Stein

If you are skipping the cans and bottles, you are going to need a vessel to hold your beer. What better vessel than a German beer stein.

I love beer steins because they are not only functional, they serve as decoration for the bar even when not in use. 

Every man should have at least one stein, but I strongly recommend picking up a few for when your buddies are over. Just imagine how great a collection of different steins would look up on the wall.

If a stein is a little bit too much for your style, you can always go with a traditional beer glass. Putting your beer in a proper glass will help to promote proper aroma and taste.

HAUCOZE Beer Stein Mug German Coats of Arms Drinking Stanley Viking Tankard with Petwer Lid for Birthday Gifts Men Father Husband 0.9 Liter
181 Reviews
HAUCOZE Beer Stein Mug German Coats of Arms Drinking Stanley Viking Tankard with Petwer Lid for Birthday Gifts Men Father Husband 0.9 Liter
  • 【THE DESIGN】– This German-Themed ceramic beer stein features a detailed engraved German Coats of Arms relief . It is not just real beer mug but can be used as a decoration.

Bar Mirrors

You can find these mirrors emblazed with sports logos or the names of alcoholic drinks or soda brands, as well as decorated with other iconic themes.

Mirrors for your man cave bar

Plus you can get them so they can be placed vertically or horizontally. They come in all kinds of sizes from small to huge, and you are sure to find one that matches your likes, budget, and space.

You always see a big huge bar mirror front and center when you sit down at a pub. So your man cave wouldn’t be complete unless you install one of your own behind your bar area.

Saloon Style Doors

Saloon Style Doors For Your Pub Man Cave

What about making your man cave pub look like one of those old western saloons you always see in the old movies? That would be really cool, as well as simple to do!

You just have to buy some louvered or panel-type swinging doors and install them at the entrance to your pub-themed man cave! Be sure to measure the space of the door so you know what size saloon doors to buy.

Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker set

Not everyone is a fan of mixed drinks, but every bar needs a cocktail shaker. While most have seen or even used a shaker, there are other often overlooked tools that go along with a shaker that can help elevate your mixing skills to another level.

This Bartender Kit from Amazon has everything you need to get started. It includes a strainer, mixer, jigger and more. 

The included recipe cards are a nice starter, but once you start mixing, you might find yourself going down a rabbit hole. I recommend a full bartenders handbook like this if you want something physical but the internet is still one of the best resources for learning new and exciting drinks

The real reason I like this kit so much is the wood stand. Not only does it make it nice to look at, keeping your equipment organized will make sure you always know where it is when you need it.

Mixology Bartender Kit - 8-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set with Wood Stand, Recipe Cards, and Bar Accessories Ideas (Silver)
  • Complete Cocktail Shaker Set - Make delicious drinks at home with this comprehensive kit, including a double-sided jigger, hawthorne strainer, bottle opener, mixing spoon, ice tongs, and recipe cards.
  • Stylish Wooden Stand - Keep your bar tools organized and easily accessible with the elegant wooden stand, adding a touch of sophistication to your home bar.

Dart And Other Pub Games

A lot of pubs feature games of darts, so if you want to keep with that theme then get yourself a dart board to liven up your pub-themed man cave.

A dartboard for your man cave

Most would opt for a traditional dart board, but soft-tip darts on an electronic board is becoming popular as well. You can check out DartHelp.com for help choosing the best dartboard.

If darts is not your thing, a pool table is always welcome in any man cave. Then, of course, we have less traditional options such as foosball, air hockey, or shuffleboard. It all comes down to what you think you will play the most.

Pub Themed Wall Clocks

pub clock

Every pub needs a clock and you can get as simple or extravagant as you like. Since a clock is an accent piece, I recommend getting everything else set up first.

You can find lots of clocks with things like alcohol or other drink logos, or even custom-made ones where the numbers are made out of things like pool balls.

Neon is always a popular choice but it can be overdone, remember it is an accent. If every sign on your wall is glowing in every shade of the rainbow, it is distracting and too much.

I  prefer a more traditional style pub. This happy hour one is perfect for a beer lover.


Wine Decnter

If you are a wine drinker, or you have one in the home you need a decanter. But did you know that a decanter can be used for more than just wine?

Decanting serves a few purposes. When done correctly it will help to separate the liquid from the sediment ensuring a “cleaner” drink. This is usually only needed for certain wines and almost certainly not for spirits

More importantly, decanting allows the beverage to aerate. Aerating serves to open up the aromas and flavors. For some wines, you really can not get the full taste if you are not using a decanter.

While not as popular, you can decanter traditional spirits like whiskey or scotch. The difference if flavor and an aroma are more subtle. For many, that subtle difference is enough, if you have a decanter, there is no reason not to use it.

Houdini Wine Decanter with Wine Shower Funnel and Sediment Strainer, Off-White, 10-Inch - ,Glass/Stainless
  • Improve the flavor and bouquet of wine before serving with this lead crystal decanter with funnel and strainer.
  • Improve the flavor of even more inexpensive wines to serve friends and family.

Beer Pong

Beer Pomg Table

I think beer pong often gets a bad rap. Some people consider it above themselves to play and think it is just an excuse to drink. Screw them.

I look at beer pong for what it is, a fun game of skill that is fun even just to watch. It adapts itself well to larger groups where you can easily set up teams or tournament play.

While you can play on just about any table, they now offer special tables designed specifically with beer pong in mind. 

This is the ultimate beer pong table. It is regulation length, has precut holes for your cups, its surface is a dry erase board so you can make your own artwork, keep score, or plan out your tournament right there on the table.

Best of all, this table folds down to 2’ x 2’ x 5.5”. You can easily store it behind something when not in use or use the handle to take it to go.

GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong / Tailgate Tables (Black, Football, American Flag, or Custom Dry Erase)
  • CUSTOM DRY ERASE: Draw on the table with any design you want - sports teams, state flags, pong brackets, school logos, Greek logos, and more!
  • UPGRADE YOUR PARTY: Portable 8-foot beer pong table made of high-strength yet lightweight aluminum, 6 pong balls and 4 color dry erase markers included

Having a bar in a man cave is a standard for most. I hope this list served you well on your way to decorating things. If you have any ideas for the ultimate man cave bar, let me know in the comments below.

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