How To Build A Man Cave In The Backyard (Things To Consider)

How To Build A Man Cave In The Backyard

A man cave is a place where you can go to be by yourself or perhaps with a few buddies to get away from the hubbub of work, kick back and relax.

You can talk, play video games, watch TV, joke, laugh, or do whatever you desire. The important thing is that it is away from everything else in the world and you can be yourself.

And what could be a better place to get away from the rest of the world than tucked away in your own backyard? But

How Do You Build A Man Cave In The Backyard?

To build a man cave in the backyard, you first need to assess your space and budget, then create a plan. Your man cave can go in a backyard shed, an add-on to the home, or perhaps you have an existing structure you can convert. 

An outdoor man cave delivers the ultimate place to enjoy hobbies, revitalize the mind, and do what you like without being bothered by the wife or kids.

If a man cave is in the house, then there’s still a chance to be distracted by others, but not in the backyard. Especially if it is not attached to the house physically.

Things to consider for a backyard man cave

Several Approaches To Building A Backyard Man Cave

First off you have to decide how to build your backyard man cave. For example, you have the option of converting an existing building or putting up a new one from scratch.

It all depends on the space available in your backyard, the time you have to build, as well as your budget.

For instance, you could reconfigure an existing shed and incorporate a little storage space on the side so you still have a place to put things like your lawn gear.

When deciding remember that if you build one from scratch you have to do things like protect the building from groundwater or have electricity or plumbing installed.

If you use an existing shed or outbuilding, it could already have at least some of what you need to get started.

You can even buy one of those pre-made sheds and then add in the extras. It’s all up to you, your time, and your budget.

If you hire someone to build your backyard man cave it likely will cost you several thousand dollars for materials and labor costs.

Preparations For A Backyard Man Cave

First, you need to decide the purpose of your man cave. It may seem obvious but having a plan can help you build it. Preplanning keeps you from making mistakes, as well as helps you figure out your budget.

Do you merely desire a small area to relax and play some video games or watch TV? Or do you want that plus a bar and entertainment area? Is it just for you or do you want to be able to have a few friends there?

The last thing you want is to finish your project and have regrets about size or missing amenities. Take the time to plan it out and ask others what they think.

Use An Existing Building Or New Building?

Once you have determined what your man cave purpose is and how big it should be, you need to decide if that existing shed or outbuilding is going to fit the bill or if you must start from the ground up.

If you buy a pre-made shed kit it should have all the marerial you need to get started.

Building Material for your new mancave

You will need to know exactly what to buy if you plan on doing it yourself, The materials alone could cost you several thousands of dollars and the proper tools will rake up that bill even higher.

Here is a breakdown of the possible materials you may need to build an outdoor shed to turn into your backyard man cave:

  • Cement
  • Wood
  • Insulation
  • Wiring
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Drywall
  • Plasterboard
  • Roofing

That’s really just the basics and shows why proper planning is vital.

If you don’t already have the tools and knowledge to take on a project like this on your own you may be better off hiring a contractor who knows exactly what to do and has all the proper tools, permits, and materials, along with the appropriate expertise.

Choosing A Spot To Build The Man Cave

You need to determine the best spot in the yard to build your backyard man cave.

You will want a space that’s on level ground/ high ground so it can’t build up water if it rains. 

You will have to put down an appropriate foundation first. It’s vital to measure the space you have to be certain what it’s possible to build there.

To get some ideas, you can download blueprints for various kinds of sheds here

Check For Regulations In Your Area

You will need to find out if you need any building permits for your location. You could have to speak to local authorities or if you have one, your homeowner’s association. Lots of places have specific building codes that must be followed.

Set a budget

You should put together your man cave budget. You need two kinds of budgets, one for the construction of the building or for the remodeling of an existing building, plus another one for all the things you plan to put in your man cave like furniture, electronics, games, etc.)

Basic Steps To Build A Man Cave Shed In Your Backyard

If you have decided to get your backyard man cave by building it from scratch. Here is a basic idea of what you will need to do for building your new backyard man cave. 

This is a general outline and by no means a complete guide. Building a shed is a big task. If you go this route, the more prepared you are the better, Sites like offer full plans and guides to make the process easier.

Laying the foundation for the building

Step 1. Get the area prepared for the new building

You need to get the area prepared for the new building by clearing away all the grass, shrubs, debris, etc. Make sure the whole area is leveled out and even. This will ensure the foundation is put on clean, and even ground. You may have to rent the equipment to do this or pay someone to do it. Once again, it’s up to your budget.

Step 2. Putting down the foundation

It’s vital to start your man cave off right with a proper foundation. This will ensure it doesn’t sink into the damp ground and the wood for the building will not rot from any groundwater. Foundations can be done in several ways such as a concrete slab with sealed plates.

In part, this decision depends on the weather where you are building your man cave. For instance, if there isn’t much of a freeze and it doesn’t rain a lot, then a shallow foundation is fine.

Another type of foundation is masonry blocks on top of stone gravel, onto which a floor frame built of timber beams is set.

The first type described is an example of a shallow foundation. So if you live somewhere where there is a lot of rain or it freezes, then use the second type of foundation.

Once again, it is probably a good idea to get a professional to install your foundation, but it all depends on things like your budget, timeframe, expertise, and experience.

Step 3. Putting up the building for the man cave

Once the foundation has been put down, it’s time to put up the building itself. You can choose to buy one of those premade sheds or build it using a blueprint from scratch.

Depending on your choice, you may need to setup things like the insulation and waterproofing of the building, do some painting, soundproofing, mold protection, etc.

All things need to be decided and worked out ahead of time from interior to exterior, floor to roof.

If you choose to hire a professional to do the job, they will handle all of this and you won’t have to do a thing except sit back and watch, and of course, sign the check to pay for your new man cave.

Step 4. Consideration of needed utility hookups

No matter if you build your man cave from scratch, remodel an existing building or buy a premade shed, you will still want utility hookups. You will want electricity at the minimum, and likely things like water and internet too.

Depending on your climate, you will probably need heating and air conditioning as well.

It all depends on what you plan to do in your man cave. It may not be possible for you to do these things for yourself, and you will have to hire contractors so the job will be done safely and up to the proper codes and standards.

This is NOT something you should do yourself and depending on where you live it may not even be legal for you to try it!

Buying A Premade Shed

If you take the option of buying a premade shed, it will be far less stressful. This is the quickest and easiest route.

Buying A Premade Shed For Your Man Cave

You will still pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to get set up and put in things like utilities, painting, etc. But in the long run, it is a faster and easier option if you can find a premade shed that fits the size and design you want.

If you are not in a rush, sheds are seasonal in most parts of the country. If you wait until the fall, you can get deals usually between 30-60% off.

Conversion Of Existing Shed Or Outbuilding

If you choose to convert an existing shed or outbuilding it will be much less expensive.

Still, you will need to spend some money on things like weather-proofing materials, paint, roofing, utility hookup, and whatever you need for décor.

You still may need to hire a contractor, but it will be much faster, as well as much less expensive than starting from scratch.

Depending on the condition of your existing structure, you may also have the option to move in right away and complete the upgrades and repairs over a longer period of time.

Converting a backyard shed into a man cave

Deciding How To Furnish Your Backyard Man Cave

Once you have finally gotten your new building put up or your existing one remodeled, it’s time to decide on the décor and furnishings.

What you do with your man cave all depends on your theme and your personal preferences.

Some of the things you may want to put in your man cave are:

  • Furniture: Your man cave furniture should be both practical and comfy. After all, the main reason to have it is to be able to relax, right? Depending on if you pick a theme or not, you will need a couch, some chairs, maybe a small table, stands for your electronics, etc. It all depends on if you plan it for mostly yourself or you and your buddies.
  • Electronics: You will likely want a TV, sound system, stereo, various kinds of lighting, possibly a computer, electronic games, etc. Whatever it takes to make your man cave a fun place to be. The sky’s the limit… or rather your budget is.
  • Decor: Some guys like to decorate their man cave with various types of memorabilia, which likely match their hobbies. It could be sports, music-related, arcade games, TV show memorabilia, etc. It all depends on if you have a theme and what you love.

Backyard Man Cave Themes

Many man caves have a theme whether they are in the backyard or elsewhere. It isn’t required, but it is a fun way to design your man cave.

Since it is going to be in your backyard, maybe you want an outdoor theme like fishing or a sports stadium.

Also since it is outdoors, maybe you want some themed surroundings next to it. No need to keep everything contained within the walls.

It’s possible to do these things in a backyard man cave just as well as in an indoor man cave.

It just takes the proper planning and consideration to make it your dream place to get away from it all and relax and unwind. That’s the primary function of a man cave!

The bottom line is that many men want a place they can go to and get away from everyone. You love your wife and kids, but everyone needs to be by themselves at times, and a backyard man cave is a perfect spot to do just that!

So if you want to have a man cave, but don’t have a place to put it inside your house, then consider building a backyard man cave, you’ll be glad you did!

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