10 Best Design Ideas For A Video Game Man Cave

Best Design Ideas For A Video Game Man Cave

I love me some video games. My first job was in an arcade 30 years ago, and I still work in the gaming industry to this day.

As a collector, it is not hard to find things to use to decorate my man cave. But there are things other than games that you can get to decorate your video game man cave. In fact, there are things that you should get.

Video games alone do not make it a video game man cave, most man caves have video games. We are going to cover some of the extras! Here is my list or the

Top 10 Best Things To Get For Your Video Game-Themed Man Cave

Gaming Chairs

X Rocker Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are admittedly not for everyone, but if you spend more than 10 hours a week gaming, you should get a dedicated chair.

I originally thought these chairs were just gimmicky, but they are comfortable and serve a function. There are several types, most have speakers and control panels. 

Of course, if you are not gaming alone you could get a couple of these fantastic chairs so that you and a buddy can play a game together. They are really not that costly considering the value you get.

This X Rocker (on Amazon) is my favorite. Not only does it look and feel great, but it has several simple features like built-in vibration, armrests, and a rotating pedestal. That doesn’t seem like much but just about every other model in its price range is lacking these basics.


You may also want to consider some soundproofing in your video game themed man cave so as not to disturb anyone else in the house.

Soundproof your gaming cave

You can get special soundproofing panels to line our walls. Even with just a little bit of effort, you can reduce noise leaks. Not only that, a room that is properly soundproofed will improve the audio quality for those in it.

A few popular soundproofing methods include insulating foam as well as special kinds of drywall created to cancel out noise. You can install thick carpeting or drapes as well as special acoustic panels mounted on the wall.

Then you and your buddies can have all the noisy fun you desire and peace will reign in the rest of the house.

Arcade Machine

Pac Man Arcade Game

Getting an arcade machine is a big decision. And there are way more options than you think. They come in many shapes and sizes including sit down and tabletop versions.

The traditionalist would go for a classic cabinet, and it is a good choice. Maybe Pac-Man, Galaga or something newer like Street Fighter. Even a Neo Geo cabinet with a multicart would be a great idea.

If you are on a budget and don’t care about authenticity, companies like 1-Up now make cheap cabinets with classic games. These cabinets sell for a fraction of the cost of an original 80s unit and are easier to work with for someone who just wants to set and forget.

Personally, I would build myself a MAME cabinet. MAME is an emulator that runs on a computer and allows you to play many different games. I probably have the parts lying around for one already. I just have way too many favorite arcade classics to choose just one.

Arcade 1Up Pacman Countercade, Tabletop Design
  • Table top design and plugs into an AC outlet. Item Dimensions: 18.5” H x 11.25” W x 12.25” L / ItemWeight: 11.10lbs
  • 2 Games in 1 (Pac-Man & Pac & Pal)
  • Upgraded 8" Color LCD screen, On Screen Game Selection Menu and Original Artwork

Lighting Designed For A Game Room

When it comes to playing video games, lighting is an important factor in your enjoyment and helps to set the mood. You don’t want an area that is too bright or vice versa.

Keep the whole environment in mind. Install multiple different lighting sources that can work well on their own or independently.

For example, you may like to play in the dark, but having some LED or low-level lights near your consoles or food will help you see the things that need a little more light.

A dimmer on the main light will make it really simple to get the right lighting no matter what your current game mood is.

Giant TV or Multiple TVs

No matter if you love PlayStation, X-Box, Nintendo, or any other type of console to play video games on, a large screen is a must.

Gaming TV

If you have multiple consoles, you should plan ahead. Your TV only has so many inputs, and cable management can become a mess, especially if you are trying to squeeze into a dark corner behind a TV to figure everything out

If you are a retro gamer, you may even keep an old CRT tv around so that you can play your consoles on a screen that is was meant for. Also, older shooting games do not work on newer TVs

If you do have multiple TVs, make some use of them. You don’t have to game alone. If your place is the place to be when playing video games, invite over some friends, and set up a tournament. We once set up 3 Gamecubes on a LAN and had a 12 player Mario Kart marathon

Game Storage TV-Stand

TV Stand for video games

If you don’t have a slew of consoles and are low on space, a multipurpose game stand can help keep your area clean and organized. The Centipede Game Storage TV Stand from Atlantic is my pick.

I like this one because it is bigger than most and sturdy enough to hold a TV. There is enough room for multiple consoles and controllers. With a little bit of planned wiring, you can set up the controller holders to double as charging stations.

The amount of dedicated space for game cases is a little low. You can use the bottom shelf if needed. I just keep the games I play on the regular on my game stand and everything else goes on another shelf.

Atlantic Centipede Game Storage TV-Stand - 37 inch TV Stand, Durable Wire Construction with Game Storage, Organize Your Games, Controllers, 4 Game Consoles and More PN45506142B in Red
1,183 Reviews
Atlantic Centipede Game Storage TV-Stand - 37 inch TV Stand, Durable Wire Construction with Game Storage, Organize Your Games, Controllers, 4 Game Consoles and More PN45506142B in Red
  • Supports 37 inch flat panel TV up to 80 lbs.
  • Lower accessory and console shelves support 65 lbs
  • Holds 3 consoles, 4 controllers, 12 games and headphone

Storage Shelves

Storage shelves for video games

If a measly game stand is not enough to hold what you have, you are going to need shelving. In fact, every game room is going to need shelving. 

Every gamer knows how fast games and controllers start to stack up. Storage is important but what is often overlooked is organization. You are not going to play that old console if the controllers are in a box, on the top shelf of your closet. Too much work.

I like this sturdy sturdy 9 cube storage shelf because, well because it has 9 cubes. You can easily keep all your consoles or swag separate. The back is open and you can easily run cables throughout

It’s easy to put up, easy to take down and its modular design allows you to build it multiple different ways. If you get this shelf, also pick up a few of these storage cubes which fit perfectly into the spaces, and keep some of your mess hidden.

SONGMICS 9-Cube DIY Storage Shelves, Open Bookshelf, Closet Organizer Rack, Non-Woven Fabric Cabinet, Black ULSN45BK
5,812 Reviews
SONGMICS 9-Cube DIY Storage Shelves, Open Bookshelf, Closet Organizer Rack, Non-Woven Fabric Cabinet, Black ULSN45BK
  • Smart Storage: With 9 cubes, this storage shelf is a stylish and modern piece in the closet, bedroom, kid’s room, entryway, living room, or reading nook

Video Gaming Area Rugs

No products found.

An area rug is a quick and easy way to spruce up a room. Even if you already have carpet, you can throw down an area rug to provide some protection, extra padding, or in this case, decoration.

The rugs are large enough to fill the space in front of the couch or TV, they are soft and have a gripped backing to prevent them from sliding no matter where you put them.

This No products found. one isn’t exactly Pac-Man but it looks good enough for a rug. I really prefer No products found. that has Atari, NES, GameBoy, Arcade and more. It fits perfectly with my style of gaming.

No products found.

Gaming Wall Art

Nintendo  Wall Art Prints

Back in my day, wall art for a gaming man cave was easy. Just about every game you bought came with a pack-in poster.

Nowadays most games don’t even come with manuals let alone something as awesome as a poster. Then there is the new trend of ditching physical altogether. But enough about that.

IF you want some wall art for your gaming man cave, you are going to have to go and seek it out. Luckily there are many options. In fact, there are too many options here for me to give a strong recommendation. Everyone has a different taste.

I really like these authentic-looking patent prints for Nintendo consoles and accessories. Also these vinyl stickers. Not to be a centerpiece, but to be split up and hung around the room to add accent when needed. 

But as I said, everyone has a different preference. check out all your options on Amazon here.

LED Neon Sign

Arcade sign

I’ve discusses lighting and I’ve discussed wall art. What about a piece of wall art that acts as lighting?

You do not have to have an arcade to have this sign, it looks good in any game room. With the lights off, this faux neon sign offers just enough light for a relaxed gaming atmosphere. It comes in multiple sizes and multiple colors so you can pick the one that best matches your decor.

If you have a stand-up cabinet or two this sign is a must. 

ADVPRO Arcade Game Zone Room Dual Color LED Neon Sign Red & Blue 12" x 8.5" st6s32-i3368-rb
  • Are you looking to add a little brightness and interesting thing to your home or business, an LED neon sign may deliver just the right amount of luminosity. Add a pop of color with these lovely decorations that stand out no matter where you put them in. With ADVPRO light signs, you will immediately say goodbye to dull walls and say hello to the good times.

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