10 Best Themes For A Man Cave

Best Themes For A Man Cave

Getting a man cave is a big deal. Most guys are so happy to get a room of their own that they start filling it as quickly as possible. It won’t take long to see certain trends and patterns being to emerge in the decor.

A large video game collection, framed hockey jerseys, or your favorite instruments. The more items you begin to accumulate and display, the more things start to come together. It makes you wonder if perhaps you should have started with the end in mind. 

Even without trying, your man cave will start to take on a theme of its own. This is a good thing. Embrace it. Whether you are looking for inspiration or just trying to figure out what is the best direction for you to go, here is my list of the 10 best themes for a man cave.

Theme Ideas For A Man Cave

Sports Theme Man Cave

Going to get this one out of the way first, as it is the most popular. Sports is a great choice for a man cave theme because it is something that everyone can relate to. Even if someone does not like the same sports you do, they can relate to your passion and can appreciate your devotion and dedication.

A sports theme man cave

Whether your theme is your favorite sport or team, or even just a player, you have many options that will not only be able to show your love for the game but also your uniqueness.

Going the sports route also does not need to break the budget. You probably already have a nice big TV and a place to sit. A couple of team flags on the wall, a branded pillow, or 2 and you are already well on your way to letting people know what your room is about.

Pub Theme Man Cave

A good bar can easily fit into just about any man cave out there. The bar as a theme is becoming more popular. Good times are often had around a few drinks, and a dedicated space for that is not a bad thing.

A man cave pub

When you hear “pub theme”, you think of things like beer taps, mirrored signs, and darts.  But I will lump in a few similar ideas in here. A wine consumer may want a similar but sleeker-looking space and don’t forget that ever-popular tiki bar.

The biggest consideration when going for a pub theme is that you have to start with the proper room. If you don’t have enough space or plumbing in the right spots, manipulating things to be the way you want could get pricey.

Video Game Theme Man Cave

Definitely the fastest growing theme for a man cave, video games are becoming more and more a part of our lives. I know there are many of us who have been gaming solid for 30 years, but whoever imagined the day that our mothers and grandmothers would be playing candy crush on their smartphones (yes candy crush technically counts as a video game).

Stack Of Atari Games

I’m sure your gaming interest goes much deeper than candy crush, and the video game industry is so large that when it comes to decorating, you have so many choices.

While some modern gamers may be content with a huge TV, some good headphones, and a dark room, retro gamers have a bigger task. Often multiple TVs, with several consoles connected to each, walls full of games, and years worth of swag all finally get to come out of their boxes.

Let’s not forget how much an arcade cabinet or pinball table can do for a room. While I personally would go for something more classic (or a MAME machine) the mass-produced 1up style cabinets are gaining in popularity and dropping and price, so there is something for every budget.

Rustic Theme Man Cave

Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, or just love the outdoors, a rustic man theme is always a good option. A traditional wood finish around the room is easy to pull off and wood-made items are easy enough to find. Of course, that can get expensive depending on your taste.

Rustic Man Cave

Once you have the foundation set, it’s time to bring in your personality. It’s nice to have a centerpiece like a big game bust, or that big catch. You can then start to build around that.

This theme lends itself well to wildlife artwork, which you should be able to find in abundance, regardless of your budget.

A good thing about a rustic themed man cave is you have a place to keep your equipment. A bow, some fishing rods, or even your guns (depending on where you live), not only fit well on your wall, they belong there. 

Garage Theme Man Cave

Your man cave does not have to be in the garage to have a garage theme, but it helps. For most, there will be two choices here, you are going with cars or you are going with motorbikes.

Garage is the perfect theme for a man cave

The biggest decision to make is, do you want a man cave or a shop? With a garage themed man cave, you can go either way.

If you are in an actual garage, tools and spare parts are going to slowly work their way in and start to take up some of the spare space that you set aside for relaxing.

This may not be a problem for all. As mentioned, having your garage themed man cave in an actual garage does have its advantages. Being in the garage, you can easily get a car or bike in there to have on display or do work on.

Even if you just want to have some authentic parts and decorations they may be larger and harder to get into another room like an attic or basement.

Music Theme Man Cave

Whether you are a musician, have a band, or are just a lover of fine music, a music-themed man cave is just the place for you to lock yourself up away from the rest of the world and let go.

Everyone love music in the man cave

While any of the themes on this list can get expensive, a music-themed man cave is one of the ones that is going to have a huge start-up cost. Hopefully, you already have all the instruments and equipment you need to soften the blow.

Any musician could benefit from a mock stage setup and it is easy enough to do. Beyond that, you may also want to look into soundproofing or renovating the space for the best possible sound.

Theater Theme Man Cave

Everyone likes a good movie but capturing that theater experience at home is something that takes a bit of planning. A theater themed man cave is a standard decision for many.

Man Cave with a theater theme

When planning a man cave, a large TV and awesome sound system are probably near the top of the list. Once that is in place it doesn’t take much to turn it into full theater mode. The proper seating, dim lights, and some popcorn and you’re good to go.

How far you want to take it is up to you. While most will add some posters from their favorite movies, there are some extra additions that will give your theater at home some added authenticity. Automated screen curtains, theater-style carpeting, and of course an oversized popcorn machine are all great choices.

Casino Theme Man Cave

Poker night is becoming a rare thing in today’s world, but if you are an avid player and are a good host, a casino theme for your man cave may be a good way to go.

The benefits of a Casino themed man cave

Forget the foldaway tables of the past. There are plenty of high-quality poker tables out there with classic wood finishes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have 4 players or 10 you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Of course, a casino theme does not mean you need to focus on poker. Some may like BlackJack, roulette, or slots, every casino themed man cave needs slots!

If you prefer, you can skip the gambling theme altogether. Many people like Vegas for the bright lights and excitement. You can easily pull together some Vegas-style decor to bring your room together without a table in sight.

Study Theme Man Cave

Before a man cave was called a man cave, it was called a study. It was a room where men went to do their manly things. But as these types of activities changed, so did the environment that we do them in and hence the modern man cave.

Man Cave Study

Some men prefer tradition. A library of books, a big wood desk to do work or just a nice solid chair to sit and read in silence. If you can manage a fireplace, you’re set!

A study does not have to be a single-player experience. They have always acted as an after-dinner retreat to have a few drinks and discuss the issues of the world.

Some cigars on the table, a chessboard, or even a pool table if you have space can help make sure everyone wants to come for a visit.

Minimalist Modern Chic Man Cave

A theme does not need to be around a particular thing or hobby, it can be a style. While there are plenty of styles to choose from, a modern style is the one we chose as it is easy to pull off and looks great.

Minimalist design for a man cave

Straight lines, smooth surfaces, leather, glass, black white grey, when going for a modern theme, the more simple the better. Of course, you can still add your favorite stuff just don’t overdo it. A wall-size TV will be right at home but you should have no problems squeezing in a pool table or a bar, even something traditional as a dartboard if the cabinet is right.

And that is the key here, anything you buy has to be “right”. There is no wiggle room as soon as you start going off track everything is ruined.

Minimalist means basic, only what you need. If you find you must display some of your more out-of-place stuff, you may want to keep it to a corner. If you have too much, it may just be better to find another home for it or go with another theme.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate a man cave. A man cave is a reflection of the man it belongs to. There are as many styles of man caves as there are men and even in the same theme, no two will ever be the same. 

What theme did you choose for your man cave and why? Let us know in the comments.

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