10 Best Design Ideas For A Hockey Themed Man Cave

Design Ideas for a Hockey Man Cave

Here in Canada Hockey is a way of life for many. As soon as the snow hits, the outdoor rinks go up. Even in the summer, you will find kids playing ball hockey in the street, and there are two indoor rinks within a five-minute walk from my house.

It’s not uncommon to see hockey decor all over some homes from the kitchen to the bedroom. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky.

If you love hockey but are confined to keeping all your treasures in the man cave, don’t fret. There are many great design ideas for your hockey themed man cave.

Hockey LED clock

No, I don’t mean a clock with your favorite hockey team on it. I mean a huge digital LED clock just like at the big game. LED clocks are dirt cheap and they can be hung on their own or with a little work you can bring it up a notch.

If you are (or know) a raspberry pi enthusiast, could you imagine setting up a full “home and away” scoreboard that is set to update the game score in real-time? It’s definitely possible, and not that difficult even for a beginner. You can check out this video for some inspiration.

Franklin Sports Hockey Goal

Hockey Net

If you have space or a corner that can be kept a little clear, there is no better piece of decor that you can get than an actual hockey net.

I suppose you can get one for decoration, maybe to fit it around a TV or something, but what I have in mind is a fully functional net, with the intent to be used.

Can you imagine practicing a few slap shots with the boys between periods? I do not know anyone who plays full-out hockey in their own home, but with the proper precautions, there is no reason why you couldn’t.

Table Hockey

Table Hockey

If space does not allow it or you have way too many breakables, you can still play hockey in the comfort of your own home. While air hockey is always fun, technically, it is not hockey. I remember from my childhood, getting actual table hockey as a gift, and it was one of my most favorite toys ever.

It turns out these types of tables still exist today and not much has changed. If your budget is low, you can grab one here.

If you are a true fan and your budget is not so low, you want the “upgraded” version. The full stand-up, domed-in version is complete with cup holders. It even plays music when your team scores. This is the type of game you would usually only see in arcades, and there would always be a line-up.

They are hella fun and an instant buy for me.

Hockey Stick Door Handles

This is for the Do-It-Yourslers out there. An interesting choice for your door handles is to repurpose some hold hockey sticks. This works for just about any kind of door. It looks even better if you have two doors together.

Just get yourself some hockey sticks that are embossed with your favorite team colors or logo and replace the existing door handles with the sticks, blade up.

You can make them as long or short as you need, but the longer the better. It will take a drill and a bit of planning but the end result is awesome.

Hockey stick

Hockey Stick Picture Frame

Still, have some leftover hockey sticks from that last suggestion? This project is a little easier with equally awesome results. 

If you want to hang up a few pictures in your man cave, just trim and connect 4 hockey sticks together for the perfect frame. Attach some hooks to the sticks and it can be hung anywhere. 

This is pretty simple and doesn’t take a lot of skill to do. You can use screws or glue. Just make sure your measurements are right before you start cutting because if you mess up you won’t get a second chance.

Non-Slip Ice Hockey Rug

Hockey Area Rug

To go with your wall decor, you need some floor decor. This rug works well on hardwood, or even if you have an existing carpet, you can just throw this on top of it for an instant hockey rink. It’s perfect for in front of your TV or in front of the couch and will fit into any hockey-themed man cave.

If you get the big mat, you can even get a small ball and kick it back and forward, because, why not. The best part is, if you have little ones, you can break out the action figures and have your own mock games.

Hockey Themed Furniture And Lighting

If you have a man cave, you are going to have to furnish it with some sort of seating. What about obtaining some seats that look like they are straight out of the hockey arena? Or you could even arrange a section to look like the penalty box to send your buddies when they get too rowdy.

If you are a DIYer you could make a coffee table where the legs are made out of a stack of hockey pucks or a table lamp using a skate or sticks.

Of course, there are also ready-made options such as tables, chairs, etc that can be bought painted or decorated with the logo or name of your favorite team or in the team colors.

Hockey Arena Tapestry

Hockey Arena Tapestry

Got some empty wall space? This hockey arena tapestry is a must-have for any hockey cave. It looks great and comes in several sizes. It is perfect not only to cover up any blank wall but any unsightly corners of the room.

It can be hung up and taken down in an instant in case you need to move things around or even used as a lightweight room divider.

5 Panel Wall Art Of Your Favorite Team

Hockey Wall Art

If the arena wall hanging is not enough, there are several other great options to cover your walls. While posters are great, we like to look for some more unique options

How about a 5-panel faux wood canvas of your favorite team? Perfect for right above a couch if you are up against a wall.

It comes in different sizes so measure things out before you buy. I shouldn’t have to tell you, but get the largest one that you can fit. You won’t regret it.

Use Your Hockey Gear To Decorate The Walls

Most hockey lovers have amassed a collection of autographs, photos, masks, pucks, jerseys, and all sorts of different hockey gear. You can use this assortment of things to decorate the walls of your man cave.

For instance, why not cross a pair of hockey sticks and in the middle put that autographed photo of your favorite player. Or, you could put a signed hockey jersey from your favorite player in a shadow box and display it over your bar.

There are lots of examples of hockey-related signage such as wooden logos of your favorite team, a sign painted in your team’s colors welcoming your buddies to the man cave, etc.

So I hope this helps give some inspiration for decorating your hockey themed man cave and crush any stereotype that the theme has to be all about your favorite team and not the sport itself.

Hockey is a great sport and Canada’s favorite pastime. It can stand up on its own as the center point of your room.

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