What Is A Man Cave?

A Man Cave

The term man cave is thrown around in casual conversation often. But it is a new concept that not all are familiar with, so it begs the question. What is a Man Cave?

A Man Cave is a room isolated from the rest of the house where every man can spend time in absolute privacy, deciding who can enter and who must stay out.

In the course of life, many men may feel “suffocated” between responsibility, work, family, and the constant presence of others around them.

Missing his freedom and the room he had when he lived with his parents, where he could take refuge every day and remain calm in the midst of his passions and all the items he cherishes.

Cohabitation inevitably changes one’s habits. The spaces are shared, and nobody can bring all of their belongings into the new home, moreover, with the arrival of children or pets, space for living becomes even less.

A man needs a safe place where to spend quiet and relaxing moments and in recent years the man cave” has begun to become the viral dream of all men: a room dedicated entirely to their passions, private and isolated from the outside world, a security bubble in the midst of a sea of obligations.

The secret to having a happy relationship? Being able to build a Man Cave.

More About Man Caves

The term is apparently a joke and refers to the cavemen and the shelters of the superheroes, we all know Batman, and we all know the Batcave, where the masked superhero takes refuge to plan his strategies to fight the Joker and all the other super-criminals.


Batman knows that the Batcave is the safest place to stay and to protect his secret identity. In the same way, the man associates the Man Cave with a quiet and safe area, where he can follow all his passions without being disturbed or having to compromise with someone.

What Goes In A Man Cave?

A man cave is generally dedicated to your hobbies or interests, and it is decorated as such. While the rules are anything goes, it has become a trend to stick too closely to specific themes so that it’s not just a hodgepodge of junk.

The theme can be as broad as “Sports” or as narrow as a favorite team.

Like video games? Why not a large tv with several gaming consoles, or even an arcade cabinet.

A pub theme with a big open bar, a movie theater with a wall-to-wall screen, and reclining seats. A collection of your musical instruments, hunting trophies, games, and more.

Even workout equipment like a bench or an arm blaster would be worth getting for your mancave.

Regardless of the theme, you choose there are some items that you will see as standard in most caves.

A comfortable place to sit is the most critical element. The chair or couch will usually be in front of a large TV, and hopefully a good stereo, but even some good headphones can be all that’s needed to was away from the outside world.

A bar or fridge is standard if space allows. A pool table, poker table, dartboard, it is up to you, but the ideas and styles are endless.

The Man Cave becomes the playground of a man, who can furnish it as he wishes, showing off his passions.

The most important thing is to customize the Man Cave to turn it into the true reflection of the personality and passions of its owner. Only then will he be able to feel it is as “his home,” and to do this some basic conditions are necessary.

Where To Build A Man Cave?

Planning a Man Cave

Many men decide to buy houses that own a room that can be transformed into their Man Cave. If you already missed that chance some try to adopt a small corner of the house for this purpose. The goal is to create a “bubble” where you can spend time dispelling the stress of the day and life.

There are several options available:

  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Loft
  • Attic
  • Shed

There is no universally approved spot for a man cave as every situation is different.

Where ever you decide to put your man cave, it is always good to plan as many considerations are depending on its location. Putting it in the basement? What about moisture? In the garage? Don’t forget winter.

Are Women Allowed In The Man Cave?

Playing games together

Of course. This is not a secret boy’s club. It is a room for you to keep the things you want and love. There is no reason not to share it with others.

If you are worried that your significant other may disapprove of a man cave, let her know that many of the things lying around that house that belong to you will make their way into the cave. This will give her more space and freedom to decorate as she chooses.

Should You Build A Man Cave?

The real question is why not. A man cave is an excellent addition to any home. Regardless of how it sounds, it can benefit everyone who lives there.

The most significant factor in the decision is going to be space.  You can squeeze a man cave into any room in the home you want to make sure claiming that area does not inconvenience others in the house and that you have the space to be comfortable and happy.

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