10 Best Design Ideas For A Hunting Themed Man Cave

Design Ideas For A Hunting Themed Man Cave

If you are a rugged man, hunter, or just enjoy the outdoors, why wouldn’t you love a hunting themed man cave? Deer, moose, elk, ducks, or some other game, there are plenty of things you can do to make your man cave special. Here are some design ideas for the hunting themed man cave:

Man Cave Hunting Sign

Man Cave Wall Sign

Technically you could hang this sign anywhere in the room and it would look good. I think it belongs at the entrance, just inside or even outside the door. This sign makes sure there is no mistake what you’re about.

While it is not made of real antlers, the quality is so good, some may not even know the difference. I like this sign so much it made my list of best gifts for a man cave. Whether it is as a gift or for yourself, either way for the price you can not go wrong.

The Big Wall Trophy

This is the first and foremost for any wall. A mounted deer or moose head will be the centerpiece of the room, whether on a wall on its own, with some artwork, or above a fireplace. Of course, this piece is all the more special if it is one of your personal achievements.

If hunting is life, you may have more than one you want to display, which is understandable. Even though one impressive mount is all you need to bring the room together, a collection is always welcome. Just make sure you have the wall space. Overcrowding is the only thing that will mess up your design.


If you have space and a wall mount is not enough for you then why not decorate your man cave with some taxidermy. Of course, not every animal is suited for taxidermy, and some just don’t make sense to display, but you can find all sorts of great examples from game birds to small mammals like foxes or rabbits.

These can be put up on the wall, set onto shelves, or even incorporated into the design of your bar. It’s all up to your imagination, how much space you have and how realistic you want it to look.

But let’s be real, if you have space, get a bear. Everyone wants a bear. My man cave is not even hunting themed and I want a bear. Heck if I could get a bear I would keep it in my kitchen if I had to.

Camo Recliner

Camo Recliner Chair

Everyone knows that no man cave is complete without a place to sit. I don’t mean any old place to sit, I am talking about the man’s recliner of course.

While good chairs are easy to find, and just about any design will blend right into the rest of the room, why not go that extra mile.

This recliner is full camo! This alone is awesome but it doesn’t end there. The material is a comfortable microfiber with four built-in massagers, a pocket for remotes, and a USB charging station. It has everything you could want in a chair and is perfect for your man cave.

Hunting Themed Lighting

Antler Table Lamp

Every man cave needs some sort of lighting, so let’s talk about various kinds of hunting themed lights. If you want to keep things simple, you can just try some light accents like lamps with camouflage shades or animal scenes on them.

But there are -plenty of unique lamps on the market that will make your man cave pop! Lamps made with real animal bones or antlers are becoming quite popular.

If you hunt regularly, I am going to suggest making your own special custom lamp bases. All you need is an imagination and some animal parts, Then just grab a lighting kit like this and get to work.

Ammo, Firearms And Other Weapons

What hunting experience would be complete without ammo and firearms? There are lots of ways to use both to design a hunting themed man cave.

Local laws in mind, you may be able to put up a gun rack or shelves on the walls to hold your favorite rifle or bows. Or how about a glass display for all your favorite knives?

Creative? You could collect the brass from spent shells and arrange them to form a picture of an animal wall art to hang on the wall of your man cave. You can use different sizes and color casings to make this task simple.

3 Panel Deer Stag Wall Art

A simple method of decorating your hunting-themed man cave is to cover the walls. Posters and photos if you’re poor, paintings if you can afford it.

This can be anything from framed action shots of you showing off to beautiful wall-sized wildlife paintings. There is definitely no shortage of wildlife art to choose from.

Stencil Paint Those Walls

Tactical Mylar Camouflage Stencils

While the right artwork can liven up any wall, you do not need to settle for a plain white paint job. If you want to know what colors to choose to paint your man cave, you can check out our guide.

But I am suggesting to take things a step further. You can grab one of these stencil packs from amazon and give your wall a custom and unique paint job that no one else will have. Although this set comes with 8 styles, we suggest sticking with one or two for continuity.

Of course, if you have a separate bathroom or bar area, you can mix and match a bit more without things getting too crazy..

Log Cushions

Log Head Cushion

Let’s be real, a hunting theme man cave and an outdoor themed man cave share a lot of similarities. While these pillows don’t really have a lot to do with hunting, they will be right at home as decor on your couch or chairs.

While I prefer the birch, these realistic log-shaped cushions come in 3 different styles. They have a soft spandex shell with a microbead filling.

They are an easy way to add atmosphere and functionality at the same time. You really need to get 3 or 4 of these, if you only buy 1, you will regret it.

Antler Coat Rack

Deer Antler Wall Hook

Every room needs a place to hang things up, and a man cave is no different. Why settle for an ordinary wall hook when you can hang your hunting gear in style?

Antlers are nature’s coat hook. A nice big rack could be sturdy enough to hold a dozen jackets easily. While this antler hook is a good value, if you are hunting anything with antlers, it would be simple enough to just make your own and hang them up.

If you are like me, you will want quite a few. You can have a large one by the door for company, a smaller one for keys, even one in the bathroom for your towels. There is no such thing as too many wall hooks!

What is the must-have piece of decor in your hunting themed man cave? We’d love to know. Let us know in the comments below.

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