Where Should You Build Your Man Cave?

Where to build your man cave

A man cave is meant to be the perfect getaway for you and the guys. It’s your refuge from spouses, work worries, or even your best buddies if they are getting on your nerves.

So, if that sounds glorious, but you don’t have a man cave yet, then the first thing you must do is find a place to put it. Where should you build a man cave?

You can build a man cave just about anywhere. From outdoor locations like a garage or shed to indoor hideaways like the attic, basement, or spare room, or maybe even that walk-in closet.

Here are some great ideas for places you can build the ultimate man cave as well as some things to consider before you start planning:

The Garage

Man cave in a garage

Let’s face it. The garage is usually 1 step away from being a man cave as it is. It is usually full of tools and sports equipment. So it should come as no surprise it is where many men decide to put their man cave.

It’s detached from the main house, so it’s far enough away from everyone else, yet close enough if you need to come back for some reason.

If you decide to convert your garage into a man cave, it will take some coordination and planning. For one thing, you have to take into consideration where you are going to put your car or truck if you use the garage for your man cave.

Another thing to consider is the safety and security of putting a man cave into a garage. Remember, you plan on putting things like a TV, stereo, gaming gear, and likely some of your favorite furniture and memorabilia, etc. You want all that to be safe from theft.

Therefore, you need to make sure the door to your new man cave has a deadbolt lock or at least some kind of specialized garage door lock.

You can sometimes find special garage door locks with a code required to open them, which can be a great addition to your cave since you can choose the people you want to be able to have access to.

Next, you need to sort through everything in the garage and get rid of all the junk, etc. so you have a nice clean open space for putting together your hideaway.

Once it is all clean, you need to figure out if you need to put in some insulation or heating/cooling so you can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer as you enjoy your TV and games. It’s possible you’ll have to hire a contractor to put these in, so you need to check your budget.

Another thing you have to consider is lighting, most garages are not meant for the type of lighting you’ll need for a man cave, so you also may have to add a few more lights. That means double-checking if your electricity in the garage is up to date and able to handle the lighting, plus all the electronics you plan to add.

And finally, you may want to add some indoor/outdoor carpeting to make that cold garage floor more inviting. And spruce up the walls with some colorful paint.


Man cave in a shed

An outside shed for a man cave is another idea. You mostly have to go through the same sort of thing as when you considered using your garage. You need to check electricity, lighting, heating/cooling, insulation, etc. If all that checks out, then you can clean it up, do some painting, and have fun bringing in your furniture and other treasured items.


Man cave in the attic

What about the attic? Lots of attics are empty and unused, so it could be the perfect choice for your man cave. The first step in considering an attic is to inspect the attic and see if it’s even suitable for installing a man cave with all that furniture and electronics.

Some attics aren’t much more than a crawl space or storage area, and if so, the flooring and electricity may not be good enough to make it into a man cave.

If all that turns out ok, then you need to clean it out and get rid of any junk. While doing that, do a final inspection and check for things like proper insulation, access to heating/cooling, and make sure nothing like bees or bats have invaded your attic.

And what about getting in and out? Is your attic one with real stairs or one of those pull-down types of stairs?

So, if all that checks out, you can start bringing in your furniture, TV, etc., and turn it into your dream man cave. It likely won’t be as big or fancy as some man caves, but it will still be a great place to kick back and relax.

Spare Room

Man cave in a spare room

Another choice for a man cave is a spare room. The advantage of this is that it will already be equipped with electricity, rugs on the floor, lighting, and heating/cooling. This will save you money rather than starting from scratch in a garage or other outdoor space.

Depending on the layout of your home it may not seem like a real getaway since the room is inside your house, and the whole point of a man cave is to get some space away from everyone and get some alone or buddy time.

The Basement

Man cave in a basement

A basement is another area many men decide to build their man cave. It’s still in the house, so you may not have total privacy, but at least it likely has electrical outlets and perhaps some lighting down there. It all depends on if you have a finished or unfinished basement.

If your basement is unfinished, you have more work ahead of you like adding some insulation so you won’t freeze in the wintertime.

One good thing about a basement is likely it’s more soundproof since it is underground. That could be a good thing if you plan on installing a lot of noisy game gear or want to have your music blaring or play your guitar.

However, being underground, it could also be more humid, which means deciding if you have proper cooling and heating down there.

Plus some don’t have windows, so you wouldn’t have any ventilation, and that means you need more lighting would be required.

If you are lucky, you may even have a private entrance to come and go as you please.

Walk-in Closet

Man cave in a closet

A walk-in closet is another consideration. However, it is likely a minimal space, so you wouldn’t be able to put much inside. Plus, it’s probably off from a bedroom, so there’s not that much privacy or places to plug in your electronics. I would pass this option as it doesn’t seem that great to start but if that’s what you have to work with, go for it!

All in all, many men want a man cave, and there are lots of places to consider putting one in your house. Inevitably it is going to come down to using the space you have available. I hope this list was able to help you decide and provided a little more insight into your options.

Where is your man cave? Let us know in the comments below.

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