Does A Man Cave Add Value To A Home?

Does A Man Cave Add Value To A Home

Selling a house can be a stressful adventure and the first step is to see what your house is worth on the market. Many times having a house that’s decorated or built-in certain ways will either help you make a sale or turn someone off from buying the house. 

So, if you have transformed one section of the house into a man cave, does that man cave add to the value of the home?

A man cave will add value to the home if that is what the buyer is looking for. A man cave can also be easily converted into a rec room or gathering room for the entire family.

It could serve several purposes, depending on the content and size, as well as if it’s got lots of electrical outlets, air conditioning, and heating, or things like a bar area, refrigerator, gaming space, or even in some cases its own small bathroom.

Most Homes For Sale Need To Be Neutral

Conservative real estate insight usually recommends ensuring a house is pretty neutral when trying to sell it so it can appeal to just about any buyer, who then can fix it up to match their style and personality.

However, there are a few things you can do that could attract potential buyers, yet remain somewhat neutral.

Man caves are usually geared to the tastes and hobbies of the man or men of the house. Lots of men either have one or wished they had one so they can use this room to escape from the stresses of life, or just to play games and eat snacks or watch TV with their buddies.

So, how can a man cave be made somewhat neutral, yet perk up a house so it becomes a great tool for selling your home for a higher price?

It all depends on how the man cave is decorated, its size, and its amenities. Here are a few suggestions if you want to turn your man cave into an asset when it’s time to sell your house:

Avoid Focusing On Your Favorite Sport Or Sports Teams

Football themed man cave

When you created your man cave, you may have had at least a section of it dedicated to your favorite sport or sports team. But if you are the biggest Chicago Cubs fan in the world, you won’t want that giant Cubs logo on the wall if you are trying to sell the house to someone who prefers the White Sox.

It’s best to dumb things down somewhat. Maybe you can keep some sort of baseball décor but it is probably best if you don’t feature a particular team unless you know for sure you have a buyer in mind who also loves that team. 

You can still decorate the room in a sports theme, but tone it down and try to remain neutral and don’t make it a huge advertisement for one team or the other.

Make The Man Cave Inviting To Other Family Members

While the room in question was a man cave while you lived there, if you want to have more potential buyers for the house, you may need to make it likable or usable for other family members like wives or kids.

The home seller doesn’t dictate what the buyer does with rooms in the house after it’s sold! If a man’s wife doesn’t like the room for some reason, there’s a chance she will influence her hubby to not buy the house.

One way to make it at least a bit more attractive to everyone and not run the risk of someone being offended or turned off is to take down anything offensive. “No Girls Allowed” poster, any pin-ups of naked women, or anything else you wouldn’t want your wife or kids seeing.

Create A Dedicated Area

While some man caves are merely sections of a room dedicated to manly pursuits, in many cases they are an entire room in the house. If yours is the former, then it isn’t likely to add much value to the house since it’s only a small section of a room used for other things.

However, if your man cave is its own room, you have a better chance of it raising the value of your home.

If someone can walk into the area and know immediately that it is a man cave, then you may perk their interest in knowing what unique things you added to the room.

For instance, maybe you really loved video games so your man cave has lots of electrical outlets. Or perhaps you have a real bar at the end that someone could use and transform the area into a second kitchen if they didn’t want a Man Cave.

Bright And Sunny Man Caves Sell Better

Open window in a man cave

Another feature that helps you to sell a house is to have rooms where there is the option of lots of available light from the sun, instead of trying to squint your eyes to look around the room.

No one wants to buy homes where there’s a dark and dreary area with no lighting, even if it was once your beloved man cave.

So make sure any curtains are opened up and the sun gets a chance to brighten up your chances of selling your house.

The bottom line is that if your home has a man cave, it makes it more unique and special than the average home for sale. People are more drawn to buying a house that has some sort of interesting features and a man cave can fit that bill.

Men need a place to go to veg out and relax, so if you have a man cave and want to sell your home at a higher price, find a way to capitalize on it and sell your house today.

Have any experience selling your home with a man cave? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Please leave a comment below.

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